Staying Motivated

“Once you start, keep going and see it through.” Great words of motivation and one that applies in all aspects of life, and marketing.

So you’ve just invented a product that the world has been waiting for, you know it will make life so much better for everyone. It is such an amazing gadget that all you have to do now is kick back with your feet up and watch as consumers clamber to purchase it. Wrong!

Yes it may be the perfect answer to life’s problems but why would I want to buy it? No matter how great this device is, I need to be motivated to open my wallet and spend my hard earned cash on it.

Let us assume that the product has a lovely logo and packaging already, so what. That alone isn’t enough.

It means nothing if you haven’t told me about it in the first place! If I don’t know it exists then it will keep sitting in a warehouse somewhere gaining dust instead of being in my place.

You need to market it. You need to ensure that I know of it, that I am aware of its features and benefits. I need to feel that, yes my life will be sooo much better with it.

Now even though I know I need this and I really want it, I may not be currently in a position to purchase (be it insufficient funds or authority etc).
At this point there is a good chance of a sale slipping by, and especially as time goes by and consumers forget and move on.

This is where it is imperative to keep motivation through continual marketing. By keeping the product in the minds of consumers they will be aware of it, especially over competitors whose marketing is less frequent and targeted.

Then when the time comes along and the market is ready and willing to make a purchase there is a greater chance of choosing the product they have been kept aware of through a well conceived marketing plan.