Metaphysical Science

While marketing is well and truly a science, there’s another science I’ve always been interested in reading and learning more about – that is, our non-physical world which is referred to as metaphysics or metaphysical science.

The reason I initially became so interested in this science-based philosophy was the concept of positivity and the difference being a positive person in both my professional and personal life has made. This is not to say I don’t have challenges to overcome, but it’s the way I have learnt to approach these challenges that makes all the difference. At Jack in the box we always say:  “Let’s focus on the solution” and at the same time we’re learning to think on our feet, gain resilience and find creative ways to overcome problems.

A day in a marketing agency is never the same as another and a good mentality is of upmost importance. Coming into work happy, being a team player and having fun on projects all contributes to a great culture in the workplace, especially in a collaborative environment like this one! Respecting one another’s expertise and giving everyone room to be passionate about an idea in a supportive space allows good ideas to grow into great ones.

Science can extend well beyond what we can see, feel and touch. Have you ever been around a negative person and notice everything goes wrong for them, compared to a positive person who seems to achieve more and have things go smoothly for them? That’s not to say we shouldn’t be empathic – empathy is what makes us human. But positivity is something we can all access and may well be one of the most important lessons in science that exists.