Everyone loves an item that is well designed. Whether it be a piece of packaging that catches your eye, a business card you’ve received or perhaps a magazine you’ve picked up. The question is why though. Why do you like it? What attracted you to it?

In our business that’s the key. You see design isn’t just about pretty pictures. Well often it is unfortunately.

But it shouldn’t be and it certainly isn’t around here!

The essence of any design is communication. If it’s not effectively communicating then it’s not design…it’s art. Don’t get me wrong, art is great but art is about interpretation…and that’s about the last thing you want in terms of strong marketing.

Every single element has an affect on the communication of anything we design. From the stock we use, to the specific tone of colour, to the placement of the pictures and right through to the font that’s used. Every element is carefully selected to communicate the message.

Often it’s about evoking an emotion or capturing attention. Others it’s about symbolism and differentials.

Every job requires a different approach but is based on the same foundation – what will somebody think and feel when they see this.

It’s why understanding your target market is so crucial. Without this knowledge, it’s virtually impossible to effectively communicate to them. It’s like not knowing someone’s language and then wondering why they aren’t speaking back to you or acknowledging what you’re saying…they just can’t understand you!

It’s no different in terms of design. You need to be ensuring that every aspect of your projection is communicating the message you need it to, to your target market. This is especially true in a business environment where everyone is watching their spend.

So make sure your communication isn’t just hot lipstick and a nice shade of eyeliner. Ensure it has some depth. Something more than just ink on a piece of paper or colours on a screen.

Make it count. Make it matter. Make sure it communicates…