You may have noted by lack of blogs the past few weeks, it’s been a busy time in the creative room at Jack in the box and it’s all because of a few cows (well 85 to be exact). As an official partner of CowParade Margaret River, Jack in the box have been involved in creating the visual style and some of the promotional pieces for the event which is about to take over the South West.

One of the largest projects involved designing and compiling the 52 page official Souvenir Guide. This guide showcases all of the beautiful bovines created especially for CowParade, as well as information about our region and events taking place over the next few weeks. You will soon be able to pick up your copy at various locations around the South West for just $9.00.

Jack in the box were also involved in creating the official map, exhibition stand, event tickets and press ads and will soon be completing the Auction Catalogue. You can check out some of the work in our case study.

Last Sunday the team were treated to the official launch at Colonial Brewery where all of the cows were on display – quite an extraordinary sight. It was a fantastic event involving circus performers, delicious food and drinks and of course the cows, including our very own Wholey Cow. Not to miss a creative opportunity the Jack in the box team jumped at the chance to create our very own cow back when we first heard about the event.

The Wholey Cow is a unique design. She is covered in a special metallic chrome paint and has a series of holes through her middle which, as we saw on Sunday, invite interaction between viewers and the cow. As of this weekend her new home for the next few months will be at Evans and Tate winery. If you can’t wait until your next trip to the wineries to see her she has her very own website where you can view her progress from ‘Naked Cow’ to ‘Wholey Cow’ and see photos of her at the launch. You will soon be able to submit your own photos of yourself with Wholey Cow as a part of our competition. The website is an example of our new Flash based CMS technology and as you will see it is quite impressive.

As proud supporters of CowParade we encourage you to get out in the South West between March and June to view the cows and get involved in the events that are happening as a part of CowParade. Every cow is a unique piece of art and I think their presence in our region will be something special. Make sure you are a part of it!