With a huff and a puff I have heard many a person say “it’s too hard” to keep a business Facebook page running. “I can’t be bothered” and “Oh I completely forgot we had that and I haven’t posted since 2011” are others that have been thrown about without a care because it just doesn’t seem that important.

It’s time to ask yourself: is it not important that 728 million people on average use Facebook per day and it’s increasing by around 25% per YEAR?

Yes, it is.

It’s all well and good to throw around these statistics, but the truth of the matter is having a social media presence is vital and knowing how to manage it even more so. With a bit of planning and the right attitude, you are halfway there to creating something that is sustainable and not at all daunting.

A content strategy is a great way to avoid all that last-minute stress and drama. An easy way to present this so you don’t forget, is to set up a chart listing all the weeks of the year and planning what you are going to post. Perhaps you could find some festive images to post around Easter and Christmas time, create an exciting offer at a quieter time in the business year, or post a photo of a new product instore on a weekly basis. How about creating buzz with a Facebook competition to gain more likes?

You should be solemnly swearing to yourself, you WILL post at least once a week. Keep the chart above your desk and put a reminder in your calendar. After all, if you’re organised it will take you less than a minute to do!

Finally, be sure your profile picture, logo and cover photo are fresh and up to date.

A minute a week is 52 minutes per year, so technically a year’s worth of Facebooking could potentially only take an hour!

Be prepared and get the online community excited! Trust me, it’s simpler than you would think but please beware, it may increase business.

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Facebook Passes 1.19 billion monthly Active Users
October 2013 | by Emil Protalinski

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