Promo Event for Brightwood Baldivis Giant Snow Globe at Dusk

I love the part of my job where we are charged with the task of sourcing merchandise for a client. There is SO much out there and the opportunity to get your brand in front of your audience today can be so quirky and creative.

We’ll admit we can be a little whacky here at Jack in the box (all the good people are, right?), so being charged with finding unique merchandise ideas is right up our alley!

While there is certainly still a place for corporate promotional items like slick pens, USB’s and moleskine notebooks, there are some even whackier left of centre things out there. The hardest part in many cases is convincing the client that merchandise is all about branding and won’t necessarily give you an immediate result, for example an uprise in sales. What it WILL do is burn the image of your brand into a potential customers mind, especially if the merchandise is something they use daily (think office supplies) or something totally different and crazy that grabs attention.

I’ve blogged on this before, but I loved being part of this event where we erected a GIANT SNOW GLOBE in the park of one of Parcel Property’s amazing communities.

We estimated around 1500 people attended the event and the snow globe was an absolute hit. Families came from near and far to play in the faux snow and take pictures of their little ones enjoying a winter wonderland right in the heart of Baldivis, WA. Just this event alone brought so many more people into the land development who would never have been exposed to it.

A crazy idea – yes. But seeing the joy it brought to people was so rewarding. Sometimes it takes a little courage to get your brand out there, but when you do, the recognition can be so worthwhile!