There can be no denying that the design and advertising machine is a powerful force capable of bending the minds of mere mortals to its will.

This machine is often seen as an evil blight on society that uses all manner of smoke and mirrors to influence us to spend, spend and then spend some more!

In a time of rising sea levels, deforestation and pollution of our home planet, the mighty machine keeps pushing us to want more and more, not to be satisfied with the things we have. That car you drive may be only two years old with 10k on the clock, but it’s sooo last season!

Yes the machine traps the young with bright colourful ‘sparkliness’, tells girls and women that they should be hung up on looks and look like Barbies and men should drink more.

So it may come as a surprise to you that after spending the day with my buddies Darth V and Beelzebub I go home, lie straight in my bed and sleep like the dead (excuse the pun).

How I achieve this is not because of my black heart but because I actually believe what I do has positive effects. The flip side of consumerism is that it keeps all the people involved in the manufacturing and sales of these goods in employment and therefore feeds their families.

I get a great sense of pride knowing that we help give local producers weaponry to fit against imported competition.

Here at Jack in the box we create designs for clients that are as environmentally responsible as possible, we won’t take on work that the agency or we as individuals within, believe to be unethical or damaging to society. We use our abilities by giving pro bono work for select organisations as an agency and in our private lives.

For the third year Jack in the box is continuing to throw its support behind The Orange Seed Project, an initiative by Jack in the box and The West Australian Newspaper to help Not For Profits grow and prosper.

So tonight I know that I will look back on what I did today and sleep soundly in the knowledge it was good.