Would people still recognise you if you walked around with a bag over your head? Those who didn’t know you very well would probably have a hard time. Yet they’d still be able to tell something about you through your posture, dress sense and mannerisms. And once you started speaking, the sound of your voice would probably give you away. It’s this combination of attributes that sets you apart and gives us a better understanding as to who you are.

Let’s apply this same exercise to your brand. Will consumers still recognise it if you removed the logo? If you don’t have a well developed and coherent corporate style, then the answer is probably no. Corporate styling refers to the consistent application of shapes, colours, patterns, imagery and typography across various channels and media. It’s where the brand values and tone of voice are represented visually. When developing a corporate style make sure it is memorable and engaging, as this will assists the consumer in identifying and relating to your brand.

Here’s a little exercise to clarify my point. I have removed the logos from six well known brands. Can you still recognise them by their corporate style?

As you can see, a successful brand is about so much more than just the logo. Make sure your brand has a consistent and engaging corporate style in place or consider wearing the paper bag in shame.

Answers from top left: Qantas, Milo, Johnnie Walker, ANZ Bank, Telstra and Coca Cola