Ever tried to hold jelly in your hands? It’s near on impossible!

Not only is it near on impossible, it hardly looks presentable does it?

I mean, you wouldn’t present it to your guests at a dinner party like that!
You’d ensure that it was in a nice container.

So why would you try to juggle your logo without a container?

In design and creative terms, corporate styling is the container for your logo. While your logo is working hard to make a statement about who you are and what you stand for, corporate styling provides your logo with a foundation. A container to hold it all together.

It offers versatility in appealing to your market and is an important part of your overall brand positioning, assisting consumers and clients to better understand your organisation through visual communication, painting the picture before they even read a word of your marketing collateral.

It’s also a clever way to stay in touch with your market. While your logo should not be subject to frequent changes, corporate styling can move and shape with fashion, trends and current style. This leaves your logo as the hero and maintains a consistent message to your audience.

Corporate styling also assists in creating continuity (which regular readers of my blogs know is a big passion of mine) and as such, it’s a vital element to ensuring your outward projection is consistent and builds awareness over time.

Like the array of Tupperware available today, corporate styling takes many forms. It’s about colour, shapes, typefaces, layouts and arrangements. How a designer pulls all these creative elements together makes for a distinctive corporate style, contributing to your overall brand.

While ‘the container’ is never going to be a hero, it plays an important supporting role for your logo, holding everything together and making sure it’s presented in the best possible light.

And even though Tupperware lasts a life time, your corporate styling will need to be checked a little more often. Keep it fresh. Make sure it’s relevant. And ensure that it supports your communication.