Families Blog by Scott Robinson

I love a good series of commercials. When an agency gets it right and doesn’t try and stretch a good idea too far.

Good characters. A dash of humour. And a story we can all relate too. What a recipe!

When it came to the topic of ‘family’, I immediately thought about the classic series of adverts for HBO Go that were released in April 2014 in the U.S.

Featuring a set of parents who are trying hard to be ‘hip’ and a pair of teenagers who think anything would be better than hanging out with ‘ma and pa’, you soon find yourself relating in one form or another.

Wrap this all with a clever use of ‘awkward moments’, classic lounge room situations (which I am sure we’ve all encountered before) and a strap line that sums up things so succinctly, it’s no wonder these adverts won a host of awards.

Critically, these adverts tell a story. One that makes us feel at home with the situation and allowing us to laugh at a scenario we’ve probably been on one side of or the other. Importantly it provides a solution.

It’s what separates a great idea from ‘just another advert’.

Enjoy a laugh and check out the adverts below: