Gone are the days when marketing services simply consisted of strategy, market research, developing press advertisements and perhaps writing some colourful copy for a brochure. The array of services now offered by the marketing industry are prolific and more exist than you could ever imagine. Even the research you can do on consumer behaviour seems to be on steroids.

With the introduction of arguably the greatest invention of our time – the internet – the services offered by marketing agencies have had to adapt to include all things online; Content writing, Search Engine Optimisation, Mobile, SMS and of course websites.

Walk in the door at Jack in the box and you’ll see the Planning team working on anything from Strategic Consultation, Project Management, Trademarking, Research or working with the rest of the team to develop a strategic direction for your marketing that extends across online, design, media and advertising.

If you’ve been in contact with us for our Media Planning and Buying services, you’re probably aware of the time spent ensuring we are able to source the very best prices, placements, manage your material and create a synergy between advertising and your other marketing activities.

While this is all happening inside the studio, our photographers are out on jobs – art directing and styling or even filming a TV commercial.

And we would never be able to deliver these services without our great relationships with quality printers and suppliers to put our creativity into something tangible.

The surface has only been grazed of what can be achieved through marketing today. Don’t be afraid to ask if we can do it because trust me, it’s not often we say no!