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Digital Addictions

Technology can be frustrating and the emergence of things we can’t even pronounce can send the best of us into endless turmoil.

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Strategy vs Design

Strategy vs. Design

Even though I may see the strategy department as the evil negative force that wants to destroy all the beauty and light that is design, I accept that their input from all the boring statistics.

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(Not) doing it in the dark

The backbone of a great website is its content, and content should always inform design, but behind awesome engaging content is, you guessed it, strategy!

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Guitar Design

48 Frets Later

Guitars may come in a myriad of different shapes, flavours, styles, aesthetics, colours and finishes. These differences often are more about character and personality than actual structural design elements.

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Web Design

Trendy Digital Design

Keeping an eye on what’s trending in the world of web design can provide inspiration and help keep web designs looking fresh. These are three of my favourite trends this month.

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Design Process

Create Something Special

‘How do you design?’ is one of those questions I have been asked numerous times and still can’t really answer.
That is because there is no magic formula one can follow in the process when it comes to being creative.

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Changing Faces

Every day, new, more advanced technology comes onto the scene which influences the way in which we, as marketers, look to solve a client’s problem.

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