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Selling the Sensations

Sweet sounds, voiceful colours and aromatic words! No I haven’t gotten my wires crossed, it’s my brain making particular connections through various senses. Every brain is unique, however there are particular commonalities, which leads me into how we, as consumers process information, regardless of how this is communicated. Communication (this month’s blog topic) comes in various forms, however in its simplest definition, it is the sending or receiving of information. In an over communicated, exploited and saturated marketing environment there is even more pressure on businesses and organisations to capture the attention of their customers. We must continue to explore, […]

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Position Vacant – Book Keeper

Jack in the box is seeking an experienced Book Keeper to assist with key administrative roles within the organisation. Part Time (Around School Hours) Dynamic Working Environment XERO Experience a Requirement The Role Jack in the box is seeking a part time person to fill the role of a Book Keeper for the organisation. Working along side the Director, the role will require strong communication skills and a ‘self starter’ approach. A close working relationship is also required with the Account Executive to ensure that all aspects of each task are correctly invoiced and accounted for. While the role has […]

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The Communication Code

There’s an old story from World War 1 about a bunch of soldiers in the trenches. The only way to get orders down the line was to tell the first man in the trench and he would pass it on. On one occasion a British Major delivered an order, “Send reinforcements – we’re going to advance”.

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All Hail IKEA

IKEA has a solid history of excellent communication. The Swedish powerhouse is just too good at creating campaigns and communicating to their target market effectively through all kinds of marketing techniques.

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Digital Time

The Quick or the Dead

As I say, this is not a new problem. Business Owners for generations have lacked the time they needed to achieve their goals and aspirations. But the digital age brings a new dimension to this age old problem.

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Brace Yourself

The digital phenomenon of the meme might seem simple and a bit reductive or crude as a form of communication, but they’re fascinating and surprisingly complex to execute well.

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Green Sleeves

When MP3’s first came out, it surprisingly left large industry behemoths scrambling. When the dust settled from the initial “we’ll all go broke!” tanty they realised the money to be made and put back on their golden suits and made a truckload (streaming tunes are not classed as album sales and are seen as PR so the artists get even less of a cut).

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