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Web Design

Trendy Digital Design

Keeping an eye on what’s trending in the world of web design can provide inspiration and help keep web designs looking fresh. These are three of my favourite trends this month.

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Design Process

Create Something Special

‘How do you design?’ is one of those questions I have been asked numerous times and still can’t really answer.
That is because there is no magic formula one can follow in the process when it comes to being creative.

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Changing Faces

Every day, new, more advanced technology comes onto the scene which influences the way in which we, as marketers, look to solve a client’s problem.

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Call the Doctor

Quick… Call the Doctor

That doctors surgery is not dissimilar to the situation we find in marketing. Some clients know what’s wrong and need a fix, some have no idea but know that they need you to fix it. Some require you to provide reassurance that ‘where they’re at’ is the right place and others know that to maintain the health of their business, you need to take a proactive approach.

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Problem Solving

Now that’s a Problem!

‘Problem’. It’s a dirty word. Not many people like them. Most people hate them. The art of solving them is seldom, if ever taught in educational venues and generally most people like to use them as a good excuse.

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Mental Mechanics

Mental Mechanics

Have you ever arrived at a familiar destination without even remembering the drive, or have you accidentally driven in the direction of work instead of heading somewhere else? In terms of mental mechanics, this process is known as the ‘autopilot’.

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SEO Techniques

SEO – Not a Dirty Word

There are ways you can squeeze your current website to ensure you’re getting every last drop out of the SEO potential within it. Below are 6 techniques that will put you ahead of the game!

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