So you want to be on TV? You’ve heard it’s a great advertising tool. You’ve even considered a jingle!

But what does it really take to create a TV Commercial?

As part of our recent work with Challenge Dairy and the creation of their TV Commercial, we also created a 20 minute documentary on the making of the actual TVC. This was done to ensure that the shareholders, staff and farmer co-operative understood what went into the making of the commercial and the significance of the investment that the board had made.

It runs the viewer through everything from the initial client briefing session all the way to the shooting and editing of the TV commercial. It explains the importance of branding the organisation and the product while opening the doors on the relationship between the client and the advertising agency.

If you’re interested in what goes into a TV Commercial then please don’t hesitate to contact myself or one of the team here at Jack in the box for an in-house screening in our boardroom. We’d be delighted to show you.