Around the office we have a number of characters.

Tony is our Resident Wordsmith

Vickie our Organising Queen

Dawn our Apostrophe Nazi

and me…well I’m the Continuity King.

If I learnt nothing else from slogging it out in my younger years as a finished artist, it’s that in order to create memorability, you need continuity.

At first this was something I simply thought was purely an artwork issue. I’d ensure every advert was laid out in the same way, carefully looking at every last line. Today we have many program driven techniques to do that. but 15 years ago it was all up to your eye and careful measurement.

As the years have flown by, I’ve realised that continuity is an essential ingredient in every area of your marketing. From branding to advertising; service to media placement; it’s vital to maintain continuity.

Long after you’ve spent your hard earned dollars, continuity will continue to work for you long into the future. Consistency of any type is better than no consistency. In fact, you can be consistently bad … it’s still better than being sporadically brilliant!

The best part is, continuity really doesn’t cost you any more. In fact, most of the time it costs you less because you’re not continually re-inventing the wheel! Clients often get bored of a campaign or a look, but forget that their clients/customers aren’t looking at it every day or following the media schedule to see every advert!

Click through our gallery and you’ll see example after example of work that carries continuity throughout the mediums. It’s something I’m really big on and as a company, we believe is a strong part of the mix that leads our clients to their success in terms of marketing.