Not one to really make New Year Resolutions, I thought this month’s blog topic might be better suited to expose some marketing trends that could form part of your resolutions to get stuck into in 2017.

There’s no denying technology is moving faster than the speed of light and it can be difficult wading through the myriad of information we’re faced when it comes to selecting the marketing channels and strategies that are right for your organisation. Here’s a quick edit of some of the top digital trends we’re predicting for 2017!

Immersive Marketing
This form of marketing is highly engaging and includes the likes of some of our favourites – Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It works to surround the consumer and immerse them into a completely different environment using the latest technology, putting the customer into the story and creating and experience and memorability. If you don’t believe me, drop into our studio to experience an up close and personal underwater meeting with a whale (I was so scared the first time I screamed and took the headset off as it was approaching… it felt THAT lifelike!)

Some of the more recent examples used daily you may be able to relate to are Pokemon GO, Facebook 360 photography and Live Video.

Increased Personalisation
Personalisation is like working in a store and knowing every single one of thousands and thousands of customers – their names, what they like to purchase and more. Luckily, it is a very easy process when it comes to putting these tools in place. Data shows that the customer loyalty experience increases considerably when it appears as though you are speaking to someone directly!

Native Advertising
Native advertising is paid content that matches a publications editorial standards and is usually found as part of online mediums. It’s made to look part of the content and presents in the form of an article or video, strategically placed and offering some value to a reader or viewer, using ‘contextual camouflage’ to integrate into the individual platforms they’re intended for.

Programmatic Advertising
If you haven’t heard of programmatic – check it out now! This form of advertising uses big data and is so targeted, it can predict what you will be searching for before you’ve even searched for it. This was big throughout 2015 and 2016 but is set to be even BIGGER this year.

Programmatic advertising purchasing buys media through software that takes out the need for face to face negotiations at speeds you could never even dream of. The customer data it utilises is so huge, the success rate of getting to your audience is extremely high as it is so targeted. At this stage programmatic buying only applies to online advertisements… but who knows what may happen down the track and if one day this form of buying will be utilised across traditional mediums and negate the need for humans…

So where to begin? Feel free to give me a call anytime – our access to media research, data and implementation can help you in all of these areas. We even have a HTC Vive set up in-house for anyone who wants to give it a go and truly immerse yourself in technology we’re destined to see more of in 2017