What technology means to me

As I pondered over this month’s blog topic, technology, I struggled to comprehend the words to form my sentences. My mind battles to formulate and express what technology means to me. Well, here goes…

Highly dependent on context, ‘Technology’ can be seen as a dirty word. Is it turning humans into robots, machines, a vehicle with no emotions? I feel distressed, anxious and troubled by the social and psychological impacts which can be contributed by technology’s omnipresence. However, why should I and so many focus on its disadvantages.

Rather than seeing games and social networks as corrupting influences on youth, let me look at this from a different angle. First I must embrace the paradox: It can both destroy and create emotions. But we can actively choose and somewhat control its creation. Technology communication has harvested communities for sharing stories, immersive experiences and worldwide connections.

I reminisce back to my childhood where my mother would wait months on end for a letter from grandma (in Vietnam) to arrive in the post, accompanied by a few family photos. Twenty years later, I share a What’s App Group with my family (including Mum) where not one day goes by without a playful video of my niece or a boastful fishing photo from Dad appears. This brings me much joy and tugs on my hearts strings every time! Technology has allowed me to stay connected with my loved ones, regardless of where I am.

On a larger scale, the ability to share information to support a cause, pass on valuable information, demonstrate beliefs, interact and nurture relationships has led to a shift in the balance of power from the hands of a few to the masses. The viral nature of social media has encouraged more responsibility and accountability amongst organisations, brands and world leaders. Increased visibility creates social proof, hence one’s credibility can be destroyed instantly.

In a professional sense, an unprecedented ability to connect with others nurtures a more cooperative and collaborative approach to marketing, increasing our ability to be inspired. So before I go and jump on the bandwagon of which technology is highjacking our souls, I’ll expand my notion to not fall prey to the increasing ideology and share a piece of magic to illustrate how powerful sharing communication through technology can make you feel…

Watch the Samsung-Be-Their-Eyes campaign.