I’m not an Artist

Design is about communication. And while it can be argued that Art is seeking to communicate with an audience, it is much more about self expression with an artist. Design seeks to deliver a specific message for the person you’re designing for.

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Welcome to Hollywood

Ahhh…the life of a superstar. All the luxuries. All the perks. What a life.

I’ve often had people throughout my career in this industry idolise what we do in much the same way. “You must love all the lunches and the trips and filming TV adverts and being ‘creative’ all the time. You must have the BEST job!”

I’m sorry to say…it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

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Internet of Fings

Bridging the gap between different technology systems and being able to congregate that data to better run, manage, drive and lift the performance of your business will be one of the most defining aspects of business growth in the next 5 years.

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Incoming Curveball

Some of you may have heard of Technological Singularity. This hypothesis suggests that at some point, the intelligence within our technology system will reach a point where it surpasses the brainpower of a human.

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Shifting Landscape

Mediums such as Direct Mail, Yellow Pages and Outdoor have been around for a long time. It’s certainly interesting to see how these have evolved (or devolved) over time as the digital landscape began to make a significant impact on the way we advertise.

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Tactile Disruption

Business Card

What I find most exciting about physical marketing material these days is that it’s a space that isn’t as flooded any more. As such, you can actually create great amounts of impact if you’re prepared to ‘go the distance’ and be adventurous.

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