Out of site. Out of mind.

I still remember sitting down with Netscape Navigator and building my first ever website. It was a pretty liberating feeling at the age of 15. It wasn’t sophisticated and it …

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Look out for the old man

Retired man sitting in restored red mustang

I’m sure some people are asking, “What qualifications do you have to talk about an old man?” Well…it’s easy. I have one! Having had the opportunity to work along side …

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A whole new world


It’s certainly not news that I’m into ‘new toys’. I’ve been accused of being a habitual ‘early adopter’ most of my life. The Oculus Rift isn’t really news either. Given …

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Disabling the lines

Nothing new about a new pop artist though…is there? Wrong… Meet Viktoria Modesta. A 28 year old pop artist out of the UK. She rose to fame in December 2014 …

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Do you see what I see

Any true Aussie will be more than familiar with the rock legends of Hunters & Collectors. Many would have rocked out at a pub somewhere in this wide brown land. …

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Ever been to party and thought to yourself, “Why the hell am I here?” I think we all have. It happens. In stark contrast, perhaps you’ve found yourself sitting on …

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