Every handyman knows that without the right tools, it’s a lot more difficult to get the job done. Not impossible but more difficult. So why do I see so many people hammering nails with a screwdriver?

You must be wondering where I hang out in my spare time right? I’m talking metaphorically of course in terms of marketing.

So often we see companies using the wrong tools for the job. Many are ill equipped with the right tools and most don’t really have an adequate tool belt to effectively tackle the market or their competition.

So what should a tool belt look like?

Well that’s the hard part. Everyone is different. No two tool belts should be the same because each company has a different job to do within a certain industry with a particular target market in mind.

Tailoring your suite of tools is paramount to success.

This is one of the reasons behind setting up a multi-discipline (or wholistic) agency such as Jack in the box. As marketers, we have been acutely aware for a long time that business needs Bunnings of the marketing / advertising world to come along with a warehouse full of tools…well thank god we’re here!

In my mind, it’s a way to save money. You see, if you spend your money on quality tools and ensure that they are the right tools for the job at the start, then you can obtain huge benefits over a period of time.

It’s the old rule of measure twice, cut once. Carefully selecting the tools for your belt will ensure that you’re equipped to deliver your message to the people that matter.

So don’t keep wondering how you’re going to saw that plank with a G-clamp… tool up now!