Is your website delivering an audience experience benefiting your carefully crafted brand?

Last week Tony talked about The Science Behind Branding and how a brand must convey your positioning, quality, and dependability to your audience in mere seconds. But how well are your social media platforms and your website supporting and reinforcing your brand?

Too often websites get thought about as a ‘future deliverable’ – alongside things like business cards – at the end of (or after) the branding process is complete. Unfortunately this is the same time when a significant portion of a budget has already been invested in the branding exercise. The result? Websites executed in a rush with little or no consideration for your audience’s experience of your brand.

It’s a given these days that your entire audience is active online. If your digital presence is an afterthought and not a carefully considered extension of your brand, you are missing out on THE most significant chance for your brand to engage with your audience.

Consider this: should you spend money on nice brochures or a well executed website? The answer should always be: WEBSITE. A well planned, well managed and engaging WEBSITE.

In the past there’s been a disconnect between those who are great at branding and those who are great at digital. At Jack in the box we believe we’re closing this gap every day. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you deliver your brand online.

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Disclaimer: I do think websites are pretty vital, maybe partly because I build ‘craft’ them. But I realise having a website may not be crucial to 100% of businesses. It is important that businesses have some form of digital presence though, even if it’s a listing of your phone number somewhere on the web.