brands have personality

Have you ever thought to describe your brand as sophisticated, imaginative, daring, honest, playful, free-spirited or rugged? Let’s take this one step further. What music does your brand like? What tone of voice does your brand speak in? How does your brand make you feel?

Too often brands are created with a focus on words, colour, tones and shapes. However, it’s much more than just a visual identity. Although a brandmark plays a core role in building a profile, it never or shouldn’t ever end there, as one thing will always remain certain, people connect with people. The more humanistic your brand is the stronger your connections with your customers will be.

Let’s explore this in further detail and take a look at the 2017 world’s most powerful brand, Lego, previously titled by Disney.

Lego has grown to become a brand I consistently feel emotional about. It brings a level of ‘nostalgicness’, while it opens a mind to creativity. If I could sum up the Lego brand brand into one word it would be non-judgemental and inclusive (well, in two words). No matter what age, gender, ability or cultural background, it brings people together in its simplest form – the freedom to create. Lego tells a story and it allows you as a customer to tell your story by placing one yellow block on another yellow block, then onto a green block, and so the story continues…

Another all time favourite of mine is Apple. Don’t get me wrong when I have trouble syncing my music or I want to use the same charger I have for my iPad to that of my iPhone, yes you’ve guessed it, they’ve made another upgrade. It frustrates me profusely.

However, I remain loyal as I aspire to be associated with Apple, its class, its creativity and its undeniable perfectionism. One step into an Apple store and they’ve encapsulated you. The space, colour, layout and music all send invisible communication vibes to connect with you. Apple has become such a powerful brand whereby the instance ‘Apple’ is mentioned, people automatically think of the technology and not the fruit – go figure!

At the end of the day, we want to see brands talk to people, tell a story, make them feel, move and even dance. Simply for me, I want brands to connect communities together.