Alan Jones! Considering recent events I’m guessing the majority of readers have by now screwed up their noses. I’m sure you all know the name and the recent comments he has made about PM Gillard. This crude comment has ignited passion, disgust and anger causing the public to air their feelings via social media and email.

What I find interesting is how 2GB have dealt with the issue, keeping him on air, drawing your attention to ‘cyber bullying’ and removing all advertising from their station. Seems a strange response to a vexatious issue.

Here’s a secret though, locked away in a draw in the 2GB station there is a ‘strategy’ to take ‘command’ of the situation. Everything which has happened since that fateful day has been strategically planned and constructed even the public story of Mercedes taking away his sponsorship is likely to have been premeditated, who knows. Could it be a strategy by Mercedes Benz to look like a ‘hero’ in the eyes of consumers, and a strategy by 2GB drawing the attention away from THE COMMENT?

In a crisis the need for a management strategy cannot be under estimated, Jones is simply weaving through the mess in an effort to get to the other side. Jones has proved in the past to be rather successful at crisis management if we recall his questionable behaviour of the past. The stepping-stones Jones took after one particular incident were strategically planned to obtain the objective of making it disappear. Success! But with this comment 2GB have taken a different position by taking on the public and making them question their own actions therefore taking the attention away from the original outrage.

What we can learn from Mr Jones is that everything your business does needs to be driven by a strategy in the good and bad times. In the bad times get your head above water by sitting down and building a bridge to get over the crisis. A strategy will construct a plan and help you reach your objectives. Be sure to stick to your strategy and avoid tangents. Every move you make in business must have a reason and play a part in the overall vision.

So whether you offended the Prime Minister and the majority of the Australian population or make a slight slip up, your strategy will determine the likely outcome. Let’s see how successful Mr Jones’ strategy will be. But the true lesson here is if your mouth is full of BS: keep it shut.