Beer. Yes it’s a small word that gets peoples attention. What to do with this new found power? Ask The Good Beer Company. A social enterprise that gives 50% of its profits to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). They are branching out to other charities using a framework that has been working in the United States and the UK but lacking in Australia.

They make a mean mid-strength drop called “Great Barrier Beer” that not only tastes good (positively reviewed by the Prime Minster) but also helps save the world’s largest coral reef. This works two-fold, obviously the money raised is massively helpful to the cause but being on a bottle in a public area raises awareness and brings it into the pub conversation. If you are torn between two beers (holding up the bloody queue) the idea of doing good could tip the scales and make your choice easy. This also would create a great “drink beer / reward / do good” connection in the brain that can’t hurt.

This model is simple, transparent, socially charged and has a pain-free, effortless transaction. It’s beer related so can easily succeed in Australia.

If you were to duplicate this simple system what cause would you support and what product or service would you implement?