Today’s technologically driven world has led to an era where the longevity of marketing messages are diminishing at a rapid pace. Contributing to this, is the rise of ephemeral content.

The popularity of Snapchat and Facebook’s live videos has driven a culture of communication which is short lived, so much so I have found myself absorbing, or should I say scanning, copious amounts of content every hour. Because of this, I now struggle to remember what I had for dinner last night. My mind tends to switch into a mode of automation – or ‘auto pilot’ as you would have heard us talking about before.

Automation is a way of managing how much content we digest and what becomes anchored into our thoughts. Challenging times are ahead for us marketers as it becomes more and more difficult to build long-term connections with our desired audiences. Hence, a campaign approach has become quintessential to advertising in delivering a solid message – ones which will actually stick!

In an over-communicated landscape, a campaign must showcase more than an integration of mediums, but the integration of social consciousness – all in a mission to create deeper connections. To further elaborate on this, I delve into my memory bank and retrieve some of my favourite campaigns, which demonstrate a social appreciation for others, the environment and those less fortunate.

Samsung – Be Their EyesWatch it here.
This campaign enabled those who were blind to enjoy and experience the stunning skylines of Hong Kong. The concept transcribed social photo into printed braille. What an incredible touching project, which saw the Hong Kong blind union work together with Samsung to deliver the amazing sights to as many people as possible.

San Juan BeerWhere is my Otorongo?Watch it here.
Another great campaign which was launched in an effort to raise awareness of the endangered Otorongo. This clever campaign saw San Juan Beer producers take the animal off its bottle labels, which caused quite a stir. The concept drove conversations within the community to save the Jaguars.

These examples are just two of the many campaigns out there which have seen a partnership of brands working together to make a difference… How can we continue to utilise our ‘power of connections’ for good and impact planet earth in a positive way?

Social virality holds the secret in creating a movement – one which sees sustainability in a new light.