The waste that goes on in the world today saddens me, but I’m also proud to be part of a society that is crusading for a war on waste and contributing to our planet in countless great ways. More ideas around this can be seen in my previous blogs Give A Crap and Keeping that Cup.

The other day, a member of my household brought home a Palmolive body wash with their weekly shop – a seemingly normal product to purchase without too much thought. Immediately for me, alarm bells went off as I saw it contained ‘micro-beads’ – those little plastic beads that clog up our drains and end up in our waterways, contaminating our fish who think the micro-beads are food. It’s scary how so much damage can be done via one simple purchase that society has accepted as “normal”. The choice to speak out and educate others really is our responsibility. Maybe using a old-fashioned bar of soap is the best solution – less plastic, no micro-beads and probably far more natural.

But socially-conscious enterprise can come in may shapes and forms in how it is helping to save our planet. Eradicating homelessness is also high on the list when people consider how they might contribute to bettering our world.

I heard of a non-for-profit organisation recently called New Story who are 3D printing homes of up to 800 square feet in less than a day! They use 3D printing technology that functions even without usable electricity or limited access to water and homes can be created for as little as $4,000 USD. More information can be found on their website here.

Technology has allowed us to be innovative and tackle problems in a new way. Socially conscious enterprise is about looking at a problem and finding a solution, making a contribution and having empathy for the planet and mankind. For all the bad things that are happening in the world, there is also so much amazing contribution that makes us proud to be part of this world.