Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…Social media appears to have taken over the world, especially in advertising and marketing.

You might think this means your traditional media marketing (newspapers, magazines, radio and even television) are all outdated and pointless. But the truth is that there’s no right answer – the type of media you use to promote your business or product solely relies on your target audience.

So, the question is… Do you know your target audience??

Sometimes it is not as simple as it seems and you should always try thinking outside the box.

Think about a business that sells Electric Lift Armchairs. Now, you may assume that the target audience would be (generally elderly) people who use chairs. As such, you’d probably choose newspaper advertising as it’s a better fit for the demographic who still read the ol’ fish and chip wrapper – rather than social media which attracts a way younger audience. But are you thinking about the right audience in the first place?

Often it’s the concerned relatives who would be looking to buy their loved ones these chairs to improve their quality of life and ease their pain. How many young adults read the paper these days? Well, that’s certainly up for debate.

Luckily you don’t ever have to decide on just one form of advertising for promotion. What you do need to understand are your prospective audiences and the best channels to reach them.

At Jack in the box we have dedicated team members that understand, research and recommend channels that will get you the best results for your budget.