In a super saturated world of media popping up here there and everywhere 24/7, the thing that matters more than ever is cut through.

The need to standout in a market is nothing new, it’s just that with the amount, speed and reach of media today the challenge is increasingly harder. The solution is nothing new though: content is key.

So what is this magic content? The same as it has always been: the art of great story telling, material which resonates or a simple clever concept that is well executed.

This is what always grabs attention and more importantly holds that attention, and then best of all gets traction and spreads.

A perfect example (one that I believe is just so damn clever and simple, the type of concept that makes any creative wish they had thought of it) is the Greggs store in Newcastle England. With Christmas on the way and Christmas window displays taking place in the store across the road from Greggs, they have created a standout piece of marketing.

Greggs have simply flipped their own illuminated sign backwards so that it now reflects in the window of the Christmas display of the store across the road the correct way. Brilliant!

And now the holy grail: it has gone viral, people are taking selfies in front of the window, twitter is going off and like me, people are blogging it.

Check it out here.

Picture: Twitter