I’ve always loved my home. That space that makes you feel cosy, comfortable and safe.

In my lifetime, I’ve been fortunate enough to live in some incredible communities. From the bushy hills on the outskirts of Perth, the rolling green of the usually frosty Bridgetown, to the coastal splendour of Busselton.
Each has its own unique feel and although quite different in many ways, they all have a common component – strong community.

Now I’m certainly not saying that this is unique to these 3 communities. In fact, it is fair to say that over the last few years, I have found that community spirit is alive in all its glory all over this great state.

With The Orange Seed Project now completed for the fourth year, I have read countless stories from groups all across Western Australia that demonstrate that giving back to your ‘community’ is incredibly vital to the balance of any ‘place’.

Being a judge is one of the most humbling experiences imaginable. You quickly realise that without many (if not all) of these Not for Profit organisations and the countless number of volunteers (and even paid staff that work much longer and harder than their payslip accounts for), then we would not have as richer a state as we currently enjoy.

We’ve been fortunate to work on a number of projects for this sector. In fact, we’ve won 2 international Summit Creative Awards for our rebranding of both PlusLife (Perth Bone & Tissue Bank) and Waratah Support Centre. These projects have allowed us to create brands that were not only internationally recognised but also have assisted in raising awareness of these critical organisations within our communities.
The very fabric of the ‘place we live’, no matter how broadly you push that statement, relies on people being prepared to give something back.

I believe that in Western Australia, we are incredibly fortunate to have a very rich community who never seem to hesitate to help. The recent $25 million raised for Telethon is a clear indication just how conscious we are of sharing the wealth we enjoy.

The Orange Seed Project is only one way in which we’re involved with our greater community but we’re certainly looking forward to working with the Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre who were announced as the Major Gift Recipient on Thursday night at the Orange Tie Event.

We’re lucky to have an amazing home and an amazing place to live.