Mental Mechanics

Have you ever arrived at a familiar destination without even remembering the drive, or have you accidentally driven in the direction of work instead of heading somewhere else? In terms of mental mechanics, this process is known as the ‘autopilot’.

If you perform a particular action often enough it will eventually transform into being subconsciously automatic. It’s our brain’s way of freeing up our conscious mind to prevent mental exhaustion. Here lies a danger for organisations and problem solving, as it prevents one from identifying new opportunities, detecting possible threats or understanding the root to a problem. Too easily environments become habitual and operations become customary.

It’s not long before ‘mental set’ can become commonplace, also known as the ‘Einstellung effect’. This occurs when a problem solver becomes fixated on applying a strategy which has previously worked, however it is less helpful for the current problem. This negative effect of previous experiences can present various challenges in identifying an optimum solution or at least impede on the process.

Working in an Agency means being unfamiliar to an organisation and its environment which carries significant advantages. It provides us with an ability to independently evaluate situations and identify unique opportunities to accurately diagnose the foundation to a problem. Being foreign to an environment harvests innovation and creativity, and when combined with marketing dexterity, it results in an interpretation which is unique.

At Jack in the box we approach things differently, we observe with a rare level of artistry and experience. Next time you’re facing a problem, slow down, step back and inspect carefully and if all else fails, call the experts… While we don’t claim to be masters in marketing, we think we’re pretty close.

‘Marketing takes a day to learn, unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.’ – Phil Kolter