2016 is most certainly upon us. Some say it’s set to be a bigger and better year than ever and I must say, I have to agree.

In marketing, we see countless trends and there are certainly key trends every business needs to ensure they adhere to. The digital trends I’ll be talking about here aren’t necessarily ‘new’ news, but if you haven’t already done so – it’s time to bite the bullet. There is no more time to waste on average marketing!

So here are my top marketing trends that may have existed before 2016, but are now more critical than ever to take on board:


Content Marketing

It does not matter one little bit what industry you’re in – you must provide your customers and prospective customers with worthwhile content. 78% of people believe that organisations who provide custom content are interested in building good relationships with them. Think about the opportunities you have to provide great content: your website, an eNewsletter, blog, video. Find something to say that will interest people. Make it about the benefits to THEM (not you!). Content marketing costs very little in the scheme of things, but if you can engage an audience you are already far more successful than you could ever dream to be!


Brands with Personality

Statistics now show that 76% of consumers will share personal information with a brand if they believe it will improve their experience and interaction. We don’t expect to walk into a store and be treated like a generic person – so why should we expect the same online?

Not only can you target your customers by collecting data from their purchasing habits to personalise their online shopping experience, but you can speak to them in such a way on social media to show you care. Better yet, responding to comments with helpful and friendly advice and managing any public issues that may come to the surface with a proactive approach, all have a massive impact on the way your customer base views about your brand personality.

Remember – if it’s somewhere on social media, others can see it! The last thing you want are bad reviews that publicly deface your organisation.


Responsive Websites

There is absolutely no excuse at all for a website that is dated or non-responsive on tablet and smartphone. 87% of the ‘digital’ generation admit to never being without their phone. 86% recognise that many websites are still not mobile optimised – and this is a very real and scary thought.

Would you turn away customers if they walked into your store? That’s exactly what you are doing when you have a dated website that is not responsive. Today’s web browsers are a fickle bunch and they will not wait for a site to load or sit on their phones trying to zoom in and out. They will simply go and find a new business that can offer them the same thing (whose website CAN be viewed on mobile).


If you need any clarity on any of these points, I’m always around the Jack in the box Studio for a phone conversation or a coffee catch up.

Refining your marketing in these small ways to get on track in 2016 can be relatively low-cost and is very simple – you just need to want new, quality customers enough!