Stage Door - Tips for Events from Scott Robinson, Jack in the box

It’s a common theme really. You’ve heard us say it before. And I am positive this won’t be the last time we write about it. But marketing is always the last thing most people worry about with an event. It’s also the part of the budget that seems to be most flexible. While I know this will sound very biased coming from a Marketing Agency…but I just don’t get it!

You see, events are much more than a bunch of logistics, seats, ticketing systems and performances. Events are all about creating experiences – something that marketers are experts at.

Over the years, you’ve more than likely read articles where we’ve discussed the 1%ers. When it comes to events, these are probably the most critical. They’re the aspects that truly blow people’s mind.

And like most 1%ers, they often don’t cost alot…but their impact is huge!

So here are my Top 5 Tips for putting on a show stopper!

  1. Think about the Brand
    So many people forget how vital the brand for an event is. It’s you mark. It’s the symbol by which you want people to remember who you are! Think about the possibilities of how your brand will apply to value added items that provide addition cashflow through the sale of merchandise and collectables.
  2. You and your partner are invited…OH PLEASE!
    If you’re going to invite someone to your event, make it worth their while to open your invitation. Inkjet printed, DL flyers don’t gain any cut through and you’re certainly not likely to get their attention with a bulk standard email either. Be creative. Make your event irresistible!
  3. Let me tempt you…
    Being teased is always a fantastic way to create intrigue about your event. Making people talk and guess is an ideal strategy to increase hype about what you’re doing. Through various channels, you can push and pull people to gain more and more of the ‘inside edge’ – read this paper, check out the poster at this venue, follow this social medium – it’s a chase and people love to be the first to know.
  4. Offer an experience
    Engagement is just so key with events these days. The opportunity to engage and create an experience is one of the best ways to drive higher sales. Exclusive seating, access, merchandise, meet and greets – they all add value and by the virtue of being expensive and limited, provide people with an unforgettable experience. Again, this always leads to more word of mouth.
  5. The element of Surprise
    This is one of my most favourite aspect about running any event. Doing something that people just don’t expect. Blow their mind with an activity, a video, a speaker, a gift…SOMETHING! If people leave your event going ‘WOW…I never expected that’ then you’ve got yourself a winner.