Business is full of buzz words. Ours more than any other. In fact, I think we’d probably have to lay claim to being the creator of many of those buzzwords. Not us personally. But our industry for sure.

For us we’ve become an argyle agency who pioneered decentralisation and has pivoted the business as we’ve grown (it hurts to even write that!).

But for all the buzz words, the biggest part of our business has always been change.

The Marketing & Creative Industries has always been a fast paced industry and one that is typically an early adopter (OMG…there I go again!). So being able to adapt to changes in technology, techniques, applications, mediums and market needs seems somewhat natural.

But in so many industries and businesses, there’s certainly either a resistance to change or a mind set that change is not required. Perhaps they see themselves as untouchable or beyond disruption (yep…another buzz word!). But you only have to look at the Taxi Industry to see that it’s as simple as building an app and offering a Unique Selling Point (USP) and BOOM!

I think it’s fair to say that no business is beyond being distrusted. At the same time, this also means that any business is also able to be reinvented. Take Australia Post for instance. There was a business that was surely headed for failure. Email has taken over as the big communication mechanism. But the rise of eCommerce has created a new opportunity for the countries biggest parcel logistics network.

To me, it’s simple. Change is inevitable. The biggest difference today is the rate of change. It’s happening much faster than we’ve seen before. And the potential impact on your business isn’t just somebody who moves in down the street but from anywhere in the world.

Looking at Jack in the box, it’s a business that’s now 18 years old. Yet there are days where it feels like it’s day one again. Reinventing yourself is part of the journey. It’s not about throwing the baby out with the bath water but you do have to constantly look at what’s working, where you’re heading, what the market is chasing and how you can be ahead of the curve.

“I never want to act my age”