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CMYK color swatches

There’s nothing like destroying a design that has been created to communicate to your target market or match with design elements and branding through bad production.

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All Hail IKEA

IKEA has a solid history of excellent communication. The Swedish powerhouse is just too good at creating campaigns and communicating to their target market effectively through all kinds of marketing techniques.

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Changing Faces

Every day, new, more advanced technology comes onto the scene which influences the way in which we, as marketers, look to solve a client’s problem.

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Combatting Abandonment

Website Abandonment

I’d love to know how many people hear of a company and then IMMEDIATELY dismiss them after visiting their website? The data available doesn’t lie, and we’re looking at 94% of people attributing site abandonment to uneasiness in the website’s design.

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They’re All Taken!

What's really in a name

To say that names don’t matter is an oversight and certainly not the best marketing advice… but if you think about some of the biggest brand names in the world – are they even that great? What makes them a household name? When developing a new name and brand, how important is the actual name?

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