Back in the day, there really were only three main types of mass media available – yep, you guessed it – Television, Radio and Press. In addition to that, people would advertise their business through direct mail and brochures, and the Yellow Pages.

Evangelistic (or Event-based marketing) existed back then too, however this is an area that is exploding with so many new, innovative and creative ways for organisations to target the public with their message.

You may hear different terms used for this form of marketing, some of them being:

  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Evangelistic Marketing
  • Event-based Marketing
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Alternative Marketing
  • Buzz Marketing

Guerilla Marketing takes balls! I would love to share a campaign that we have done recently for our wonderful clients Parcel Property and their land development in Baldivis, Brightwood Estate. These guys were not afraid to take a risk, and it really paid off. Welcome to Brightwood Wonderland!

Picture: A giant 6×6 metre snowglobe with faux snow, Christmas trees, Santa and kids running everywhere! In addition there were food vans, games for kids, music and entertainment. Such a blast!

If you want a BIG idea for your organisation, get in touch today! We love imagining what is possible and making it a reality.

CLICK HERE to see the full Brightwood Wonderland Case Study.