When we design a brand at Jack in the box we do things a little bit different than a lot of design agencies. To start with we hold a discovery session with the client. We also conduct our own research of the client’s industry and their competitors. We spend hours brainstorming, sketching and working on several different alternatives but when it comes time to present we only ever show the client one solution. We just make sure it is the right solution.

To some people this may seem odd. If you are paying all that money for a brand surely you deserve to get a few options from which to choose the one you like the best? What these people forget is that design is about providing a visual solution to a given ‘problem’. Whilst it may be more subjective than other professional fields it should never be judged by personal preference. Design exists to do a given job and should be judged based on how well it meets the criteria it was intended too, not just by how much the client likes it. It’s about trusting the designer to do what they know best.

A vital part of the Jack in the box branding process is our discovery session. It is during these sessions that we really get to know our client and find out what they do, what they represent and where their business is headed in the future. We find out what our client is trying to achieve through their business which gives us a good basis for what we need to create visually to enable them to do this. We also conduct additional research into what their competitors are doing so that we can create a brand that is unique and positions our client strongly within their industry.

It is only after all of this that we do what we like best – we create. We spend hours sketching out ideas and brainstorming. We customise typefaces to create brands that balance visually but are also not easily replicated. We create clever devices that complement the type and actually say something about our client. The result of all of our work is a brand that looks good and strategically meets the creative brief.

Another thing we never do is show a brand in isolation. We understand that the corporate styling associated with a brand is just as important as the brand itself. This is why all of our brand quotes include a unique visual style which we create to complement the brand. We demonstrate this style by creating several examples of the brand working on livery items. Ultimately you don’t just get a logo but a style that holds it all together and works for all of the applications that are applicable to your business.

When you get a brand designed by Jack in the box you won’t get a range of half finished designs to choose from. What you will get is a brand package that really works for your business and is definitely ‘one of a kind’.