The way I see it is pretty simple. You have two options when it comes to advertising and media selection – one causes stress and costs more, the other fits nicely into your budget and feels organised and calm.

Let’s take a look at them both:

Option 1
Do some ad hoc advertising (or none at all). See competitors begin to advertise. Panic. Throw a lot of money towards advertising. Do not get the result you were hoping for.

Option 2
Decide upon a 12 month media and production budget. Produce advertisements ahead of time. Work this in with what is happening with your business including the ebbs and flows that may occur over a year. Roll out consistent advertising. Become top of mind to your customers. Know ahead of time exactly what your monthly advertising spend will be. Impress your accountant.

I know which one I’d be choosing.

We have seen thousands of dollars saved by clients through the creation of a media plan to set the advertising objective and how this will roll out strategically. This is generally done with a year in mind and involves working with you to create advertising content that is timely, meaningful and creates brand awareness and sales. There are clever ways you can create consistency in advertising, and it doesn’t have to be a weekly newspaper advertisement. It’s about finding ways to appeal to the psychology of a potential client or customer and making it look like you’re ‘everywhere’even if you’re not.

Having access to comprehensive media data is the first step. Rather than advertise using a shotgun approach in the mediums we THINK people are engaging with, we’re able to look objectively at the cold hard facts using worldwide data. In recent times, this data has changed from being just Quantitative (how many people are reading X magazine) to include Qualitative data (the What, When, How & Why). We can arrange for digital advertising to follow customers through re-marketing and the data is so expansive, we can now digitally advertise to pregnant women BEFORE they have even told their mother!

If you’re looking to save considerably on your next 12 months of advertising, please do not hesitate to contact me – I would love to help create a media plan that gets results!

In the meantime, check out our Press Advertising Campaign for Busselton Boulevard which has just been given an International Award for the campaign.