If it’s not easy, as a society we generally won’t touch it.

There‘s just so much content around today everywhere you look. It’s getting harder and harder for the brain to decipher what information to retain and what not to. We’re constantly asked if we’ve ‘seen this’ or watched that’. There’s not a single chance for us to miss a beat!

When it comes to websites, the same thing applies. We’re looking for something easy, simplified, a great user experience but nothing too complex. The creation of how a website is used takes a great deal of planning. To ensure something looks, feels and functions ‘simply’ take a lot of planning!

If you work with Jack in the box to develop a website, you’ll find out just how much planning takes place prior to even a look and feel being created. The planning comes first and the prettiness comes next (we value the prettiness a great deal too, of course!)

Part of this planning process includes the development of a hierarchy and content plan which specifically plans out how your content will be structured to give the best experience to the user possible. We want to create user engagement, and take users on a journey whereby they are driven to meet an objective.

The irony is that making something ‘simple’ is actually quite complex – but that’s not for you to worry about – we can help with that!

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