Plastic is public enemy number one at the moment. 2018 has seen most Australian states introduce bans on plastic bags. The single use ones found at every supermarket, while thicker reusable plastic bags are ‘allowed’.

All this got me thinking about all the other plastic junk that I’ve had in my possession at one point or another that was trash to begin with. In particular those crap plastic ‘promotional’ pens that are convenient for 5 minutes (if they work at all) and spend the rest of their lives in a junk drawer or in landfill.

Plastic bags are getting their turn in the spotlight but let’s not forget the other ‘trending’ environmental foes of 2018; “the disposables”. Plastic straws and takeaway coffee cups. While there’s a focus on the negative impact these items of convenience have on the environment, there’s an equal focus on their alternatives: “the reusables”. Stainless steel straws, reusable cups and travel mugs, also stainless steel water bottles.

Businesses considering merchandising options must take all this into consideration. If you’re putting your name on plastic junk and offering it to your customer base, you’ll appear socially and environmentally unconscious. Choose wisely and avoid the junk, instead choose merchandise that’s environmentally friendly and even better something that offers a reusable alternative.

While on this topic – environmentally and back pocket conscious consumers are increasingly shopping in bulk and buying local. Businesses who can appeal to these consumers should be capitalising on the ‘ban the plastic’ trend with a vengeance.