We all love a bargain, and I really do! I’m that person who reads the junk mail and then goes and gets the specials advertised.

It’s not because some amazing design work or copy writing has motivated me to rush out and buy. Nope, it’s because I’ve been sold on it already even before the advertised special lands in my mailbox.

Constantly over time brands talk to us. Online, driving or even watching the kids play sport as the fields are surrounded by advertising hoardings – I’m being bombarded by messages.
I’m made aware of products even though at this point in time I may have no reason to purchase the said items, but into the head it goes.

The more I see it around the more readily the recall of a particular brand over a less promoted one when the time comes when I want to purchase.

So then like a hunter I watch and wait, ready to pounce when the time is right.

The right time isn’t just about price but when I want or need it and can afford to purchase. If I need it right now and can afford it, a promoted sale will make no difference.

Price may make me buy 2 instead of one, this works for small items such as groceries but not large purchases such as car.

Purchasing a car requires constant advertising and brand promotion. Yes you may wait until the end of year run out sale, but you already know what car you want, your mind was made up a long time before.