Whether it’s food, movies, art, music, travelling, people or all of the above, one does not need to search far and wide to find inspiration. These pockets of magic exist to move and excite us, heighten our emotions, encourage us to think differently or positively influence our inner motivations. I can ramble on and get deep and meaningful with you, however inspiration is what YOU make it!

I’ll begin by fusing the two things that inspire me most…  Music and Marketing.

“The Way You Make Me Feel” Michael Jackson.
It’s as simple as that. Marketing inspires me by the way it makes me feel. Surrounded by creatively intelligent and talented people, I absorb a healthy dose of inspiration everyday. It gives me the opportunity to dream bigger, learn uniquely, act comical and become infectious. And if that doesn’t work I’ll resort to the moon walk.

“A Little Less Conversation” Elvis Presley.
As the song goes…. in marketing to be successful it requires ‘a little more action’. Pointless and imprudent is a strategy left without implementation. In a competitive environment , if you’re not willing to take risks and put in the hard yards, you might as well say bye to your business now. Marketing requires passion, hard work, intelligence, courage, trust, compromise, belief and most importantly commitment. It’s dangerous to become complacent, if you find yourself doing so, go get inspired“It’s Now Or Never”.

“New Sensation” INXS.
It’s the blend of various situations and human emotions, you sleep, you dream, you cry, you hate and you love. In other words marketing is an emotional roller coaster, but it’s something I yearn for, something I crave and I guess you can call it my addiction. With a cure to “Mystify”, creative curiosity can perplex the mind and in a strange way inspire me.

“I’m Still Standing” Elton John.
If you don’t stand up for what you believe in, you’ll go unnoticed. Marketing is about values, expertise, instincts – we live and breathe this everyday. We approach things differently, we focus on creating a universe of sensations, experiences and inspiration. We don’t give you a selection of creative visuals, concepts, plans or strategies to choose from. We give you one – the optimum pathway we believe will drive results and lead to success. We stand by everything we create – it’s the “Electricity” that runs through our body.

Like music, marketing is an art form, pitch is important but ultimately we want to inspire... Let us inspire you at Jack in the box.