Media Buying

I’ve heard it many, many times over my career in this industry…”Media Buying is easy! Anyone can book an advert! Why would I pay you for it?

While every business person should question what they’re paying for, but what I’d like to challenge is what’s easy about it?

Sure, it’s ‘easy’ to call up the local rag and book in some space. It’s just as ‘easy’ to agree when the sales person comes knocking on your door with a ‘great deal’. But what isn’t easy is, to understand if what you’re doing is actually connecting with your target market.

Even less ‘easy’ is knowing what to communicate within that ‘space’ and how best to utilise that space.

Most people don’t consider size or placement much past “I want a big ad at the front of the paper” or “Give me your top rating show”.

And now…well now we have a whole new scenario when we add digital to the mix. With Facebook offering powerful tools to promote your business, more and more people are using this format to create their own adverts.

Again, the communication, placement and content are all factors that most people simply don’t consider. Or if they do, execute them very badly.

You see, media is part of the toolkit. It needs to be in partnership with the strategy, the creative and your brand. It’s not something you stick in isolation. It needs to be integrated with all the rest of the marketing components to ensure it is as effective as possible.

Size, shape, format, location, positioning, structure, timing…it’s all important to how effective your advertising will be.
So while it’s easy to physically ‘buy media’…it’s a far more complex proposition than you think.

Now, I know what many of you are thinking, “You just want me to buy media through you because you make money from it!”. Well…”yes and no”. The ‘yes’ part is, we do make money from it. Not a lot but it contributes to a portion of the time and experience that is placed into selecting your media.

The ‘no’ part is the fact that our motivation is not profit driven. We want to buy clients media because we want it to be effective. We want our clients’ messages to stand out and engage their target market by clever media decisions.

If you need any further evidence, we also negotiate better deals for our clients, which means that the lower we can make your media costs, the less money we actually make…

As digital mediums grow and the market stretches across geography and demographics, media is far from easy. But we can help you make it easy. In fact, we even made a video out of it!



Don’t make your media decisions a lucky dip. There’s already enough clowns in the circus.