Ahhh advertising!

How do we know it’s working?

We hear so often that advertising hasn’t worked for someone – but one must understand it does take science and creative talent to achieve advertising that “works”. It’s also critical money isn’t wasted on an approach that has no rationale.

Firstly, we can obtain media data in order for us to make a decision on medium and placement. When you know exactly who your target audience is, an incredible amount of research is available on the mediums your audience is utilising, particularly now in the digital age! Today we live in a luxurious world of never-ending data.

We’re seeing an increasing number of companies utilising ‘Personas’ to really delve into their audience persona – who are they, what is their name? Gender? Interests? Do they have children – if so, what are their ages? Where do they live? Creating these styles of personas can make it so much easier to get your head around exactly who you are trying to talk to. An organisation may have multiple personas across many different markets.

This leads me to my next point – content. Personas allow us to develop advertising content that is interesting and engaging to the consumer (because we know who they are!) What kind of imagery turns them on? Are there buzz words they are likely to respond to? What about colours? Are they price driven? Basically, how can we solve their problems and truly speak to them?

Advertising is a mix of science, skill, talent, data and a little bit of magic! Get those personas into gear and you now have an amazing opportunity to target your audience and save yourself some money!