Some people absolutely detest having to work and the older I get, the more I understand why. Thankfully, I am incredibly lucky to have chosen an industry to work in that constantly challenges me: where new technologies must be adopted and adapted to daily. Emerging trends are at the forefront of all work we do and dynamism is just a part of day to day tasks and thought processes.

This blog is supposed to be focused on the concept of motivation, so it’s only natural to talk here about the things that motivate me and the Jack in the box team as a whole. Hard work does have rewards and for our clients reading this, I can safely say they will understand the feeling of being in the Jack in the box boardroom for a big presentation.

Branding is something we’re good at, something we’re awarded for on an international level and something we are deeply passionate about. We have incredible amounts of fun with it, but we do not ever take the task of branding lightly. When you come on board with Jack in the box for the development of a brand as a startup business, brand evolution or total rebrand, you will begin to understand why our brands are never rejected by our clients and why they have so much longevity in the marketplace.

First and foremost, brands are strategic. They come from a place of having something to achieve, identifying where an organisation needs to go and personifying that organisation’s culture in an icon and the style elements that surround it. You will find we take the time with each and every client requiring a brand to understand their business, visit their premises and have lengthy discussions so we are across everything we need to know to develop the most optimum brand. You will find we are truly passionate about creating something that works, not just a pretty picture or a trendy piece of design that  ends up dated in 6 months time.

My motivation comes from watching people’s faces as we unveil something they will become so deeply connected to – sometimes it’s shock, or laughter or a strong poker face. But no matter what, it’s always positive. This is what motivates me and the Jack in the box team to be the best we can be.

If you need a new brand or simply want to chat and see what we can do for your organisation’s projection, read more on our Case Studies to see what we’ve been able to achieve for some wonderful clients. Not one of these brands have been a chore, but a welcome project for all team members.

This is what keeps us challenged and motivated every single day.