The Long Game


In marketing and advertising terms, a campaign is a war much the same as any fought between opposing armies, from ancient Romans building their empire to the present conflicts around the globe (thankfully without the death and destruction though).

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Tactile Disruption

Business Card

What I find most exciting about physical marketing material these days is that it’s a space that isn’t as flooded any more. As such, you can actually create great amounts of impact if you’re prepared to ‘go the distance’ and be adventurous.

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There’s More to Print

CMYK color swatches

There’s nothing like destroying a design that has been created to communicate to your target market or match with design elements and branding through bad production.

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It’s a minefield


Printing the colour onto paper is only one aspect, matching the colour of your brand across many materials from screenprint; vinyl; paint or various devices from desktops to mobile is another minefield.

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It’s fun to stay at the CMYK

I was heading towards this blog with a future enabled printing extravaganza angle – witness the Augmented Reality enabled business card from the future! etc. etc… but the real selling …

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Selling the Sensations

Sweet sounds, voiceful colours and aromatic words! No I haven’t gotten my wires crossed, it’s my brain making particular connections through various senses. Every brain is unique, however there are …

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