Social Media

I don’t really do social media, not big on it and never will. I have managed to avoid being a slave to it and can’t see my use of it changing.

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What little I know about social media

In an age old episode of Faulty Towers there is a scene, which resinates with me because of it’s pure ludicracy. Basil, played by that eccentric comic John Cleese, is traveling in his small car when it breaks down. In frustration he takes a large tree branch and proceeds to beat the car saying, “I’ve told you before, you worthless…”

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The Integration Generation

Picture of Google Home device connected to mobile phone.

Everyone (ok…well most of us) will recall the great battle of Betacam vs VHS. Despite Beta being a superior product, VHS gained the biggest momentum and a single format was chosen as the ‘norm’.

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Tech Tech Tech, Tech Boom


It’s 2019, it’s the future, It’s getting nerdy up in here. Go get your inhaler of choice and we will talk about just some of the new things that should hit this year (or gettin’ close) on your planet.

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