Tangible Marketing

We’ll admit we can be a little whacky here at Jack in the box (all the good people are, right?), so being charged with finding unique merchandise ideas is right up our alley!

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I’m not an Artist

Design is about communication. And while it can be argued that Art is seeking to communicate with an audience, it is much more about self expression with an artist. Design seeks to deliver a specific message for the person you’re designing for.

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Design & Creativity

Creativity is the initial spark for an idea. This is where the ‘outside the box’ thinking comes from. Where the mundane and common are overridden buy the inventive, new and exciting.

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Technically Speaking

I 100% appreciate excellent design work. I have an eye for knowing what looks good, and I understand what needs to be communicated in a piece of design work. This is how I know great design isn’t just about the way something looks, but the way the information needs to reach the relevant consumer and how the message is organised and presented.

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OK Computer

Obviously we will need to settle on a happy medium of auditory, UI overlay, graphical, tactile and maybe even olfactory interactions. We as designers, UI and UX ninjas will need to ramp up our skills to include: data analyst, robotic geek, biology nerd, science dweeb, aroma therapist, physical therapist and psychology neophyte.

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Welcome to Hollywood

Ahhh…the life of a superstar. All the luxuries. All the perks. What a life.

I’ve often had people throughout my career in this industry idolise what we do in much the same way. “You must love all the lunches and the trips and filming TV adverts and being ‘creative’ all the time. You must have the BEST job!”

I’m sorry to say…it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

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