The Science behind Branding


Part of a marketing strategist’s function is to justify plans and strategy. One area of the marketing discipline, which seems to elude logical explanation, is the question, “Why should I brand?”.

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Modern Day Word of Mouth

What technology means to me

As I pondered over this month’s blog topic, technology, I struggled to comprehend the words to form my sentences. My mind battles to formulate and express what technology means to me. Well, here goes…

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

Marshmallows Bowl

Have you ever noticed that lighting candles can suddenly set a romantic tone or the aromas of freshly baked bread makes you feel soft and warm inside and even hearing a simple Christmas jingle can change your mood (for some – this might be annoyance, for me – instant happiness!).

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Eyewitness to the Apocolyst

A State of Denial

Are we eye witnesses to history or is it simply fate which will carry us into oblivion? Driven by my daily observations of environmental impacts, I am inevitably drawn to the conclusion that our reward for our careless stewardship of a precious planet is reminiscent of 79 AD.

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Pick an Ad… any Ad…

Media Buying

I’ve heard it many, many times over my career in this industry…”Media Buying is easy! Anyone can book an advert! Why would I pay you for it?” While every business person should question what they’re paying for, but what I’d like to challenge is what’s easy about it?

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Slash your media spend


The way I see it is pretty simple. You have two options when it comes to advertising and media selection – one causes stress and costs more, the other fits nicely into your budget and feels organised and calm.

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Science Friction

Why we need the explorers

To most, marketing does not qualify as a science, an opinion I do not share, especially today. It may surprise some to know that today technology has provided us with the tools to confirm many of marketing’s deep seated assumptions and to debunk some of our most vehemently held views. And as we adopt the idea of exploring instead of guessing, our profession is impacted by findings which impact all varieties of other life skills.

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