At your service!

Gone are the days when marketing services simply consisted of strategy, market research, developing press advertisements and perhaps writing some colourful copy for a brochure. The array of services now …

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Dangerous Waters


Lego has maintained a relationship with Shell for fifty years, until recently, when Greenpeace released a campaign that saw one million people worldwide respond. They urged Lego to end its …

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Watch closely…


Magicians have always fascinated me. I’m naturally curious and as such I’m always trying to work out exactly how they manage to pull off these amazing tricks and illusions. I’m …

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Research is a big waste of money

I copped a lot of flack from the team when I told them what the headline for my next blog was going to be. The strategy department just about flipped and administration was completely confused as to why I would want to discourage clients from a core part of the business.

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