The Communication Code

There’s an old story from World War 1 about a bunch of soldiers in the trenches. The only way to get orders down the line was to tell the first man in the trench and he would pass it on. On one occasion a British Major delivered an order, “Send reinforcements – we’re going to advance”.

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Strategy vs. Design

Strategy vs Design

Even though I may see the strategy department as the evil negative force that wants to destroy all the beauty and light that is design, I accept that their input from all the boring statistics.

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Changing Faces

Every day, new, more advanced technology comes onto the scene which influences the way in which we, as marketers, look to solve a client’s problem.

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Quick… Call the Doctor

Call the Doctor

That doctors surgery is not dissimilar to the situation we find in marketing. Some clients know what’s wrong and need a fix, some have no idea but know that they need you to fix it. Some require you to provide reassurance that ‘where they’re at’ is the right place and others know that to maintain the health of their business, you need to take a proactive approach.

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Now that’s a Problem!

Problem Solving

‘Problem’. It’s a dirty word. Not many people like them. Most people hate them. The art of solving them is seldom, if ever taught in educational venues and generally most people like to use them as a good excuse.

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Mechanical Turk or Maniacal Jerk

New Tech

I could give you a 32,064 word saga on the importance of adopting more sustainable energy systems and eradicating the detritus in our governments holding back renewable energy and err… logic, but I want to keep this short and sweet so I don’t get another ominous looking letter…

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